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Aug 29, - To my travel-related conclusion if cities like Seattle continue to pass laws that, in this case, unduly target ignorant visitors of ridiculous local.

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Lives would undoubtedly be saved if everyone was required to wear a safety helmet every time they cross a street. By what rationale do we regulate an inherently safer activity over a well documented more dangerous one, when the inconveniences and consequences are pretty much the same?

Seattle helmet law of mandating laws requiring people wear them, they should be regulating them uelmet seattle helmet law that the helmets people do wear actually work.

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More than half of all bicycle helmets sold in stores offer no seattle helmet law for concussions, and are designed based on drop tests done in the s. We need to update our helmet standards first before talking about any mandates. I suspected as such. It really had all the hallmarks — including radio silence mountain bike helmets green your call out his duplicity and hypocrisy.

Except for the part where, due to second-order effects, seattle helmet law actually decreases cyclist safety.

law seattle helmet

You must be new here. Just do what Vancouver BC did with our system. Use seattle helmet law of the disposable liners if you want or bring your own helmet regular users I know carry their own.

helmet law seattle

You must have never been in a collision? By all means, wear one. But the calculus changes if the context is a legal requirement.

law seattle helmet

It discourages casual riding, reduces the number of riders on the road, and makes everyone less safe in aggregate. However, the law is the law. Seqttle, this is a policy discussion. seattle helmet law

helmet law seattle

Original note from D-Man: So how do you introduce bike sharing in cities with helmet laws? Melbourne offers taxpayer subsidized bike helmets at seattle helmet law machines and convenience stores, but uptake has been slow. Riders continue to shun the system and the Mayor of London openly mocked the helmet law when he visited Melbourne last week.

Apr 29, - Helmets are required by law in some areas, so definitely wear one if those laws apply to you. If you choose not to wear a helmet and are injured.

Mexico City and Israel hellmet alternative approaches when they opened their bike share systems. They simply scrapped the helmet laws and watched their bike share systems thrive.


Hamstrung seattle helmet law a provincial helmet law, Vancouver is getting a bike share system with an integrated helmet share system. Some may still rent a bike and risk the fine, but many will just skip the experience all together.


Balancing a bike share system is complicated enough without helmets. You need to ensure that every station has bikes available and empty spots returns.

helmet law seattle

If you have a good mix of users taking a variety of trips, this will happen naturally. Seattle helmet law a successful bike share system, each bike is used times per day.

law seattle helmet

So a lot of time and money will be spent shuffling new helmets stations and picking up the used ones, assuming people use them at all. Get ready for the great helmet debate, round Today, the Seattle helmet law government in Flat black street bike helmet announced that soon it will be illegal for anyone under 18 to ride a bike without a helmet. Seattle helmet law learned to ride in the seattle helmet law streets of Winnipeg and often biked around the city, including to my co-op job when I was 19 — from Meadows West to the Exchange District.

For a large portion of that ride I used the sidewalks because there were no bike lanes and biking along Keewatin was and likely still is suicide.

Jan 30, - City of Bellevue provides bike information on their Choose Your Way website, including bike maps, safety tips, helmet information, bike laws.

While I drafted this post, Eli wrote to me, "Wear a helmet! And that captures the essence of choosing to wear one.

helmet law seattle

It's driven by a climate of fear. Wear one or risk brain damage the rest of one's body parts are, apparently, an afterthought. Cool dirt bike helmets tumblr one because I'm scared and you should seattle helmet law scared.

Obeying helmet laws in Seattle is a totally rational choice if you don't want to get killed or disabled. I'm not trying to be cavalier here. It is also, however, seattle helmet law protruding sign strapped on top of your head of submission to the status quo. heelmet

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It shouldn't be like this. But I do feel safe while riding through the city. And I ride everywhere. My bike is how Seattle helmet law get around.

Should bike helmets be compulsory? Lessons from Seattle and Amsterdam

When the numbers of cyclist go up, there seattle helmet law a clear impact on how drivers treats cyclists. Swart explains: When more people cycle in a city, drivers become accustomed to them, they accept them and they learn how to safely deal with them.

helmet law seattle

More cyclists means greater safety, so we should do seattle helmet law we can to encourage seattle helmet law. In the Netherlands, you can see this in so-called fietsstratenor bicycle-streets, where cyclists are the dominant mode of transport. The problem is not only that helmet laws would reduce cycling, he says.

They are blaming the victim.

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Whereas in the Netherlands, we believe in the responsibility of the motorist. This means that in Amsterdam, in case of a crash, the motorist is liable for financial damage, unless he can prove that the cyclist was at fault — but then he still will be seattle helmet law for half of the damage.

helmet law seattle

Swart is not totally convinced whether this is a good measure: One is:

News:Aug 30, - Seattle's latest bike-share program launched in July, just months after the model that allows riders to pick up and drop off bikes anywhere in the city. King County's helmet law requires the wearing of a helmet for any cyclist.

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