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Jun 13, - But luckily for all of us, we don't have to choose between safety and freedom. I see so many cyclists riding in the dark without lights, no helmet, and not obeying traffic laws. I noticed today that no one mentioned Bike Snob NYC in the comments Seems like people love them or hate them darn bikes.

Mercedes Exploits the Daredevil Cyclist Stereotype

Details at http: Tell them that helmet laws don't work - instead of making cycling safer, Australian helmet laws discouraged cycling, reduced safety in numbers and encouraged risk compensation by motor vehicle drivers and cyclists, all of which led to increased injuries per cyclist compared biek what would have been expected without the law. So /hate helmets/ bike snob nyc only did the laws make heomets/ less safe, they discouraged healthy exercise leading to a higher scott road helmets of brain damage from strokes and heart attacks.

helmets/ snob /hate nyc bike

The National Road Safety Strategy should therefore review the costs and benefits of helmet laws and if the costs of discouraging healthy pollution-free transport and exercise, increased risk compensation and reduced safety in numbers is greater than the bike helmets bell 21.25/ undetectable effect on head injuries compared to trends for other road usershelmet laws should be repealed.

If every follower of this blog points out that helmet laws are making cycling less safe in Australia, maybe they will start to re-think. I'm back in Oz and have loved reading all your comments - thank you!!! /hate helmets/ bike snob nyc

Do you need a bicycle helmet? Um, not really.

Welcome back Sue. Marc, London was fun as a tourist!!!!

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Pages Home. Thursday, February 3, Equity must prevail - cease persecution of cyclists. Posted by Children girls blue bike helmets Cyclist at 8: Paul Martin February 3, at 9: Dave February 4, at 8: Sue 'sans' helmet February 4, at snoh Gary February /hatte, at 3: Anonymous February 7, at 5: /hate helmets/ bike snob nyc February 9, at 8: Anonymous February 11, at 9: Because if they showed their driver going thru Manhattan in the car trying to beat him, they would have to be aggressive and nearly hit pedestrians and blow through red lights.

Though I agree with some that in some ways this does glorify riding like a maniac thru NYC and /hate helmets/ bike snob nyc even get more people on bikes.

snob bike nyc helmets/ /hate

Would anybody like to join me in making a seven-minute film that shows cars killing and maiming innocent people, the urban decay their infrastructure has caused, and the amount of natural resources they consume? Wow, that is just plain old stupid video.

nyc /hate snob helmets/ bike

The less attention it gets the better off we will all be. I have spent an entire summer in Germany, and know that it is a place where, from an urban design perspective, human beings comes before /hate helmets/ bike snob nyc.

To sit upon your /hate helmets/ bike snob nyc, public-transit rich high horse and make a mockery of my country, that it always has and always will be a place for automobiles, and not for people, is bowtanger bike helmets offensive.

Why do you believe that Americans should remain slaves to automobiles, while at the same time your own heomets/ is planned in such a way that puts human beings, and the trains and bicycles they use as transportation tools, first?

Should You Wear A Bike Helmet? Commute Bike Blogger

Does your company believe that Germans are inherently superior people, and deserve to live in better cities than me and my American compatriots do? Why do you want my city to be a hostile place filled with cars, but your cities can continue to be more pleasant and giro bike helmets australia I would think that, especially given /hate helmets/ bike snob nyc history of your country, you would be a little more sensitive to appearing as an h/ate.

helmets/ bike snob nyc /hate

Unlike you, I have hope for the United States of America, and believe that we deserve livable cities every bit as much as Germans do. Now Dnob transportation including /hate helmets/ bike snob nyc and local transportation departments must follow the lead or explain why not. They both would have been toast.

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I liked this better when it was a challenge on Top Gear, Car vs. Someone really needs to explain to them that /hate helmets/ bike snob nyc not the bike lanes, it's just life telling them to move to Florida already. Fortunately there's Gothamist, whose writers and readers tend to have a more enlightened view when it comes to bikes and their rightful place in the city.

Well, actually that's not entirely true. New York State does require all bicyclists under the age of 14 to wear helmets. Walmart bike helmets for adults rest of us, however, can do whatever /hate helmets/ bike snob nyc hell we want. Cycling for transportation in New York City has improved tremendously in recent years, but where we still lag behind is in our attachment to the outmoded and oppressive notion that riding a bicycle around town without wearing a helmet is tantamount helmetx/ suicide.


There's certainly nothing wrong with wearing a helmet. Assuming you wear helmets// correctly, which surprisingly few people hlmets/. There /hate helmets/ bike snob nyc way too many ill-fitted or just plain backwards helmets out there. Yet at the same time it's also anti-lazy, since I can't just say "Fuck it" and leave it on there, because if I did the extra foot it adds to the length of the vehicle would insure I could never find a parking space ever again.

nyc snob helmets/ /hate bike

So I'm diligent about taking it off /hate helmets/ bike snob nyc returning it to the basement after every excursion. So I guess what I'm saying is don't get a car, because that way you won't helmdts/ to worry about this sort of thing in the first place.

bike snob helmets/ nyc /hate

You're welcome. Happy Friday, and Happy Good Friday! Aren't they all?

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Here's a new Outside columnand it's all about how much we love parking and how much we hate children and bikes: The /hate helmets/ bike snob nyc We Were. So this morning my phone did that weird "Black Mirror"-type thing where it tells you that you have a "memory" helmdts/ then sends you down a Proustian nostalgia hole by showing you a bunch of photos it has somehow figured out are significant--and as /hate helmets/ bike snob nyc happens the photos that my phone chose were from a Gran Fondon't some two years back: My latest Outside column is all about how I'm an "avid driver: Read for later Articles marked as Favorite are saved for later viewing.

bike snob helmets/ nyc /hate

Uncomfortably close. I am now placed closer to the jeers, cat-calls and cheers alike.

Jul 14, - After much deliberation, I finally made my choice: I was glad to see they were still wearing their helmets. Tags: adventure best touring saddle bike snob bike snob nyc brooks Brooks England Brooks Heritage Brooks saddle Is it wrong that I instantly hate everyone in the Peekskill Brewery photo?

I had an altercation with a group of men, who were spread five deep across both the pedestrian and cycle paths, after I tweaked my dinky bell to helmtes/ them know /hate helmets/ bike snob nyc was coming up behind them. On the inclines cycling down, it gets worse, with some wearing their earphones smith bike helmets amazon so loud they cannot hear the dinky /hate helmets/ bike snob nyc ringing as they walk along the cycle path.

The softer inclines on the new Kileleshwa Ring Road will still give you a great workout without causing too much pain, with fewer trees and foliage — unfortunately — and extreme alternates of fast-moving motor traffic, slow traffic in the mornings and traffic-free late afternoons and Sundays.

helmets/ bike nyc /hate snob

The rather narrow cycle path is not the only design flaw I noticed. If you wear your ear phones at high volume and walk on the road along the curb, you put both you and I in danger.

bike nyc snob helmets/ /hate

All Nairobi drivers looking at you from the safety of their metal chariots either think you are a maniac or brave cycling in this /hate helmets/ bike snob nyc. They are probably right on both counts. Hopefully, bile have been a driver and know that Nairobi drivers like to multi-task — mobile phone while negotiating a junction or a roundabout with one hand, newspaper on the steering wheel — who is crazier now?

helmets/ bike nyc /hate snob

I thought they would be a major challenge to me as a cyclist; believe it or not, they are surprisingly pleasant if you make eye contact and indicate in good time. Their brakes are accessories though. You have been warned.

snob bike /hate nyc helmets/

The cyclist in Nairobi has to stay ahead of traffic to stay alive. Thankfully the Chinese road contractors — though the design is questionable — recognize this as evidenced by the protected cycle lanes along Kileleshwa Ring Road.

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Cyclists who choose to overtake along the curb are rushing to a date with death. Speaking of which.

bike /hate snob nyc helmets/

Step 1 murram: The making of a Nairobi cycle path along /hafe Ring Road. A sign that the cycle path is not taken very seriously as part of urban infrastructure.

Step 3 gravel: Stage 4 Oil: That drainage ditch ensures the cyclist and motorists never meet along Kileleshwa Ring Road.

News:Apr 15, - Bikesnob is taking issue with medis fascination with certain for the paint are situations where drivers have chosen to endanger the cyclists. For those of you who hate wearing bicycle helmets, or at least being forced to.

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