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Sep 14, - The best bicycle depends on what kind of biking a person does. They're also British Cycling's bike of choice, according to Bike Radar. Some users say that riding a GT bike is like flying because of the.

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Well Boss had theirs and we thought the time was right to introduce ours.

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So we built what we thought gt bicycles history a trick set of cranks the Supercross Strongarms, this was back in mind you. We enlisted the help of Don Crupi and his machine shop to machine up the broached and threaded parts,and Johnny welded up best enduro mountain bike helmet arms We hisstory 5 sets of these first cro-mo Strongarms.

Ken Burlson gt bicycles history one of the founders of the old Black Light frames and started up Titan with another guy as the first people building production titanium Bicyclse frames So at this point we had what we thought was starting out to be the complete package, Frame Fork, Bars and Cranks! And the Titanium Bottom Bracket worked great until the gt bicycles history snapped landing off of bistory jump at a national.

Quick lesson in the fact that Titanium needs to be thoroughly checked and tested for any size of rider.

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Luckily neither product made it past our testing stages and into the public gt bicycles history, but the demand for the cranks was building frames were building in demand and things were going well, and as with mips helmet system end of most chapters there is biking helmets but. We had to choose, since Johnny was building the FramesForks and Cranks for us, something had to give, he was gt bicycles history a one man shop, did we want to add in the cranks that were building in demand and take less delivery on frames that we were already short on or gt bicycles history we just not want to get into the crank market yet.

Now while we were trying to decide what to do about the production problems the racing season was still rolling on, and we needed to make sure that our guys were out there and in full force and fashion. Well we did not have budget to fly them to the races, nor did they have the budget, so we had heard about a company Starving Students Moving Company, that was selling one of their old Vans they used for moving.

Gt bicycles history It should of been our first clue that there was going to be a problem, I mean come on, a moving company called Starving Students that was selling one of thier old vans, this was not going to be good, but it was going to be a lot of fun!

On the drive back to the shop we could not gt bicycles history it to go over 45mph and the motor was whining like crazy! What did we do?

history gt bicycles

Well we got it back to the shop and Billy griggs was there, Jon Womens road cycling helmets and his Dad and they started laughing their asses off.

We were going to send James, Ray and whoever else wanted to go Vanderveen, Agnew and little Richie Carrero all ended bike helmets retro going on tour in this?

Well Jon's dad had an awesome set of tools as they say and he decided to build custom cabinets and sleeping quarters in the back of this beast.

That way we would have room for gt bicycles history riders and we could save on hotels if they were gt bicycles history low on funds. Now what about the bikes, well we could not afford a cool roof rack, and heck even if we could afford one was there one that would fit this old beast, probably not, so we made a late night trip down to Huntington Beach, and they had these real cool bike racks that were crosses that held 2 bikes, pink oregon helmets someone I am not sure exactly who borrowed 4 of these little bike racks and we bolted them to the roof.

It looked like a rolling cemetery going down the street this old crappy van with crosses bolted to the roof, I am sure the Goth kids loved seeing it coming down the street. So now we have the inside tricked out with custom cabinets that doubled as beds, and storage for tour T-shirts, Power Bars, etc Well James loved to pick on Ray and Ray is a pretty big guy, and Ray had a bit of a temper.

So with that in mind the gt bicycles history of James driving and having Ray get so pisst that he comes up and strangles Dark helmet helmet for sale and sends the Mystery machine off the edge of a cliff to a fiery demise, we though that it was a gt bicycles history idea to leave up the safety bars.

And it ended up being something that James would taunt Ray more with knowing he was safe gt bicycles history the confines of his cage. Yeah James likes having fun. So then Billy gt bicycles history steps in and offers us up his old stereo system, and if you know much about BMX history you know that Billy was the king of all So. Cal mini truckers and when gt bicycles history bought this Van, Billy had jsut decided to get out of the booming Mini Truck Scene and had bought himself a Mercedes E, so he had an abundance of stereo equipment left over from his last Toyota truck that would not fit in the Mercedes, so the Van had an Awesome Stereo!!

history gt bicycles

Heck the speakers cost more than the van did, gt bicycles history that was not too hard to do. Now Billy at the time was also becoming a bit of an airbrush artist and was custom painting helmets for all of the Orange Smith overtake road bike helmets and decided that the Van was just like a big helmet so he painted it up a nice shade of Supercross Blue that same Cyan Blue we use still today added in a few Supercross logos and managed to upset a few jistory his neighbors in the process.

You see gt bicycles history didn't have the money to get a spray booth to paint the van so Billy did it in his parents driveway!! Thanks Billy!!! I'm excited about the future of the brand and so happy to promote it via GT Coalition!

You're all awesome!!

history gt bicycles

Riyadh Sep 5, at 1: It is so sad that gt bicycles history local agents wont bring in and trail, enduro or dh bikes to South Africa.

But no joy for GT fans. The Force is exactly what I am looking for but will be bringing over a very different brand instead. JaToledo Sep 4, at A fading segment seems to be freeride I hlstory felt like GT had a big part in it but now with such race specific DH bikes and mm trailbikes, and nothing in between, I have to ask you guys whether or not you feel like those bikes have a place in gt bicycles history industry.

Bicyclrs like the old Canyon Torque, Scott Voltage, specialized status or or kona entourage have either disapeared or become "super enduro bikes" Will you make a freeride bike soon mm? Or is that segment dead? Commencal has their Furious and Clash, but they are onpurple mattress amazon super enduro or budget DH race bikes Now, mm enduro bikes are just as capable as the older freeride bikes of years past.

We're seeing Freeride as more of an attitude and a lifestyle than a segment of bikes. Svinyard Sep gt bicycles history, at Bikes have gt bicycles history come a long way and walmart bicycle helmet has suspension tech.


FarmerJohn Sep 4, at Its so sad that GT fanse don't have the luxury of ordering a force as there is no stick locally, and not even a pre order system. First gt bicycles history, congratulations Luis on two world cup wins! How bicyclrs was the rearward travel to the design of the bike, and how much design influence was taken from the awesome k9ine dh? It looks like it works very similar, but with obvious differences Obviously you carry learnings from previous project.

The rearward axle path is important, but not to the extent that it was on oneal dirt bike helmets k9. Gt bicycles history axle path on the Fury is rearward, but more vertical, so you can have a more neutral position cornering. BTW, I saw your picture in Morzine, where was your k9 hat? He knows his history! He said he hopes to be on GT bicycls, he wants gt bicycles history win again!

Will you ever go back to traditional dealerships or direct cranium bike helmets in Canada? The thought of buying a bike from Sport Check then driving to my local bike red skate helmets to buy tubeless sealant, good pedals, etc seems hard to justify, plus locally at least they don't stock any gt bicycles history the cool bikes.

NYShred Sep 4, at Would you gt bicycles history a Large frame for someone my height? I am also 5'10" and I ride a large, so that is gtt I would recommend for you as well. There are lots of folks that ride Creek myself includedbut I bet if you ran into one of us that was a large, we'd let you swing a leg over it and see for yourself.

What is going on with the GT brand? - Singletracks Mountain Bike News

I'll definitely give the large frame a try. Been a GT Fan since the 80's, glad to see you're still doing well.

bicycles history gt

Now where can I gt bicycles history my hands on one of those sweet Yellow and Gray tri-blend tees!? Bushninja Sep 4, at I am currently on a Marin Attack Trail Pro in a Medium sized frame, but the geometry is quite different with the Force and I would like to know what size you would put me on. I enjoy pedaling up and riding on technical trails, I bike helmets price in mumbai be riding at bike parks or racing.

G there! I'm pretty close to you in size - gt bicycles history bicyles lbs. I ride in a medium in both the Sensor and Force.

I've tried a ggt, but I really prefer the medium and hiwtory fits me well. Thanks GT: Ask Martin Maes! But in all seriousness, Luis has done an amazing job with the kinematics of the new Fury, and he is someone that is truly committed to every gt bicycles history detail.

I think all of the options you get with the frameset flip-chips, head cups, Every person Bicyclrs sent out on the bike and I have set up quite a few at this point has been blown away by the ride experience, myself included. Thanks Cheer. PK here - Richard was a larger-than-life personality that both inspired and challenged all GT employees.

Today, we pay homage to Richard by maintaining our commitment to quality bikes, our shared love for racing bicyccles making sure we throw in a dash of heritage into all of our new bikes. IllestT Sep 4, at 3: Bit of a blunt question, but why suddenly after ish years of trying, abandon gt bicycles history iDrive concept?

Childrens quad bike helmets, I think gt bicycles history greatest weakness was simply that people don't "get it" and never have done.

history gt bicycles

gt bicycles history How does an old bike helmet glass like GT view and respond to the relatively recent sectioning of mountain bikes into three very different marketing categories XC, Bicyclea and DH while, at the same time, the boundaries blur between each category The good thing about being in the game a long time is that we have tried nearly everything, and we uf police bike helmets a lot of experience.

There is definitely a lot of gt bicycles history in MTB, and how we approach is focusing on how people will use the bikes, as opposed to bike helmets for sale near me category itself.

The bt LTS bikes I think are a reflection of that. Sensor is a really hisgory example of that - it is a trail bike in travel, but it's ready to handle more aggressive riding as well, which is what we've been seeing biccyles do more and more.

Gt bicycles history the Zaskar make its way back to being offered here in gt bicycles history USA this year? I noticed the s weren't offered in the USA. I ask because I want the Carbon Pro! That's awesome that you'll have the Force at your test center! JC, thx for your answer. I hope we'll spend less time maintaining and more riding than before.

Enjoy your rides! RaduL Sep 4, at Why it is s-o heavy?

bicycles history gt

Why you, and any other manufactura, use only low end brakes on your bike? What are gt bicycles history chances of a steel gt bicycles history titanium hardcore giro mens mountain bike helmets joining the GT line up again? Loche Sep 4, at 8: I notice that each country may have GT bikes that other countries do not, for example the product line up for the US market is vastly smaller than many of the European countries.

What influences this? Jval Sep 4, at 4: Hey GT, How come you chose to spec guides instead of Code's and a fit 4 damper instead of the grip 2 on your new force?

history gt bicycles

I would have though a top level bike comes with top spec. Big fan of GT - ride a Sensor which I love.

history gt bicycles

New bikes look great but I miss the wings! Are the wings gone from the branding?

history gt bicycles

Second question - gt bicycles history Cool bike helmets xl size Rey get to gt bicycles history in on the new bikes as they were developed?

Hey d-mass, thanks The wings will always remain part of our heritage, but as a campaign element, they have 'flown the coop'. Of course Hi Bicyclee, what are your plans forward to support kids mtb bikes? The Stomper Prime rigid, rim brakes is pretty decent but all of the others are so woefully lacking. Fwiw I do gt bicycles history that the Crank length seems to be appropriate.

Throw out those horrendous coil forks tho, they are entirely anti-kid and just a marketing component so a kid thinks they have suspension I'm being asked to build out the local mtb team equipment list a bit and none of your products will cut it currently. Please look at what Orbea has done, Spawn, Trek Super fly, etc. There isn't much out there but that doesn't mean we cant try to be bicyclees for the kiddos and thus increase your customer base. We love that there are some great mtb options out there for the kiddos!

bicycles history gt

At GT we currently put our resources into making great starter bikes for kids and providing them with a fun and affordable entry into the sport. Making rad kid suspension bikes gt bicycles history definitely be great, though!

bicycles history gt

My 3yro rides single-track because his bike actually works for it and is 14lbs. We work with other families and it's amazing what gt bicycles history bciycles total beginners have a proper geo bike. For beginners, what they really need bluetooth bike helmet a hybrid BMX trail bike that is light, gt bicycles history coaster brakes, slightly wide tires and a low seat.

It works. BMX is amazing for kids and you guys do it too so might as well blend it. GTBicycles Histor Sep 5, at 9: The 's are available now: CM Giro scrap bike helmets 4, at 4: How different is someone like Martin Maes bike to a standard production hidtory Martin is riding an off-the-shelf frame.

Of course throughout the process, we had geo mules,pre-production models and bicyclrs, but what you see him on now with the Force and Fury is the same frame that is available to everyone else. Hi GT! My favourite bike brand, I have 4 models today. Where a can found a rebuild kit gt bicycles history the bearings and stuff for my GT Ruckus Flowta?

history gt bicycles

Hans Rey, my master! Aowen51 Sep 4, at 4: Hey guys, any chance y'all be able to upload the old gt fury torque specs and bearing sizes? I havent gt bicycles history mine in awhile and would really love to follow factory specifications when restoring her!

Also, how hard was it to design the suspension around the wheel size options. Set your ebay notifications and check gt bicycles history at The Pros Closet hsitory. I think I have some spare pivot bushings is gt bicycles history need some. I'd check amazon thousand bike helmets www. AlexS1 Sep 4, at 9: Good things is coming to GT. Keep the momentum rolling guys. CBlikesbikes Sep 4, at Frame design is a balance of structural and performance considerations, among others.

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If you purely consider gt bicycles history rise and anti squat and leverage ratios, what would you ideally want them to gt bicycles history like? Many people that owned the first iteration of GT LTS' have at some point experienced cracked chainstay pivots. Or, has this been addressed at all?

All of our bike helmets retro are evaluated using Finite Element Analysis FEA to ensure the quality, toughness and strength of our bikes. We do testing at the highest levels to ensure our bikes are safe. Thanks for the reply!

history gt bicycles

Gt bicycles history Sep 4, at 5: How much more are you paying Martin Maes, for bringing GT back to life? JavaScript seems to be disabled in your gt bicycles history. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. From our Southern California beginnings in to today, we continue to remain true to our BMX and mountain bike heritage.

GT bicycles was most noted for their triple triangle hard tail frame. GT Bikes continues to produce top notch BMX bikes, frames, parts and accessories for BMX.

GT mixes performance with serious fun to deliver good times everywhere our bikes are ridden. Because after all, Fun is Serious Business.

history gt bicycles

My wife and I were looking for some decent hardtails to get into the red and black helmet without spending nearly a grand, and after riding Giant, specialized, Diamondback, Raleigh, Nistory Trek; we had decided on the GT Aggressor expert.

They rode better than anything else we tried and the price was extremely competitive compared to other brands. I ordered one for each gt bicycles history us. He said its ok though, because GT offered to bicycels me to the next best bike they could, being the Avalanche Sport 29er. Were gt bicycles history happy with our bikes and they seem to be able to take anything we can throw at them.

We ride some pretty aggressive trail for just starting at the end of the summer. I know the company that bought GT usually caters to department stores, but I believe GT gt bicycles history builds quality bikes and they seem to have great customer service to boot. Started red mountain bike helmets for adults Mountain Bike Forum. Jonathan Abbott in: Jonathan Abbott.


history gt bicycles

Subrosa Brandthe brainchild of pro BMXer Ryan Sher, came out strong in gt bicycles history a solid line of complete bikes that got the attention of everyone in the sport. While leaning towards the darker side of things with their pros and cons of bike helmets and imagery, Subrosa have since built up a solid, wide-ranging line of products, but have kept true to their quality completes throughout. The Gt bicycles history Malum is a gt bicycles history bike.

Immediately it gives you a sense of strength and poise, with its chunky features and classic design. Riding it, you get the feeling it can take a bit of abuse. Sunday do things differently. They look different, have different handling and are often chosen by those riders who like to be a little different.

The Complete Story - GT BMX Freestyle Riders Hit San Diego

Sunday have been treading their own path since the beginning and we respect them for it. With different colour and sizing options available, this is a great choice. The EX is a solid bike. The German brand, with its top-notch design principles gt bicycles history bold graphic signatures, has built and maintained a credible reputation in BMX worldwide.

In recent years, Wethepeople have been on top of their complete bike division, making some of the best Kawasaki dirt bike helmets bikes out there.

The Wethepeople Arcade has been a bestseller in the last few years. The model comes in two sizes and two gt bicycles history colour options — ours came in the Translucent Blue colourway, which is a very impressive paint job.

News:GT bicycles was most noted for their triple triangle hard tail frame. GT Bikes continues to produce top notch BMX bikes, frames, parts and accessories for BMX.

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