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Mar 16, - Many states have bicycle helmet laws, although many of those pertain solely raised about whether bicycle helmets should be mandatory for all riders. only serve to drive down the number of people who choose to bicycle.


A helmet saved her life.

mandatory bike helmets should be

In —the most recent year for which we have full data—fatalities were four times greater for non-helmet wearers, than helmet wearers. Sixty-three percent of bicyclists killed in reportedly were not wearing helmets.

mandatory bike helmets should be

Arguments against mandatory helmet laws that are based on what goes on in other countries, like the Netherlands, are invalid. We do not live in other countries, which have different driving laws, as well as different helemet and attitudes surrounding bicycle-vehicle interactions.

Making cycle helmets compulsory: ethical arguments for legislation

Claims that wearing a helmet makes cycling appear dangerous, helmefs may discourage cycling, are unproven. Comparing cycling to other recreational pursuits, we see that football players —at all levels—wear helmets to lessen the risk bike helmets should be mandatory brain injury.

One of the strongest arguments against legislation is that this constitutes an unwarranted infringement of the civil liberties of cyclists.

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Whilst acknowledging that legislation br of necessity restrict autonomy, proponents can point to the precedents of vehicle including cycle lights, speed limits, motorcycle helmets, front bike helmets should be mandatory and more recently rear seat-belts, stressing that any infringement shold autonomy is minimal.

Bell bike helmet reviews the law to work, individuals should autonomously choose to obey, and allow that it can be necessary as a mechanism for behavioural change, in circumstances where change is good but hard to achieve.

helmets be mandatory should bike

The medicalization argument is not convincing; no one appears to regard seat belts in this way, for example. It should be recalled that respect for autonomy is only one of the principles of medical and social ethics although there is a presumption in its favour in most societies.

should be mandatory bike helmets

Our argument here is that, in the light of the evidence, most people would bike helmets should be mandatory choose to wear a helmet, and we would all allow that there are good social grounds for encouraging cycle helmet wearing. But equally, we know that fox green helmet what is in our own interest can be hard without external encouragement.

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We recommend legislation as a collectively autonomous choice in favour of one kind of external encouragement. Naturally, one condition for this argument to work is that it is applied in a helmtes society.

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We can divide justice into two parts—procedural and substantive. First, the law should hrlmets consistent: Secondly, we must require that the bike helmets should be mandatory is enacted in a fair all sport helmet it is enacted after full public consultation, and after full debate and discussion in Parliament.

In this manner, the legislation arises out of collective choice, rather than simply being imposed by experts.

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Bike helmets should be mandatory, it would be unjust to penalize a non-compliant cyclist in a road accident more harshly than the motorist, where the fault for the accident lay with the motorist. And it would clearly be unjust to use not wearing a cycle helmet as a pretext for harassment of ethnic minorities e. Substantively, we must consider whether the overall collective benefits, and the local benefits covert helmet other road users, outweigh the strong claims of individual autonomy.

mandatory should be bike helmets

Principally the benefit is a social one—reduced costs to the health service or to one's fellow purchasers of insurance. It is arguable that individuals have some sort of duty to their fellows of taking responsibility for their own health, and that sometimes this duty is an enforceable one.

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One argument made widely in cycling circles is that cycle helmet legislation distracts us from more effective means of protecting cyclists, such as separating them from motorized traffic. We sympathize with this view and do bike helmets should be mandatory believe bicycle helmets fully resolve the issue of cyclists' safety.

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However, this does not detract from the proven value of cycle helmets in both the short and the long term. Hence we do not hlemets that our proposal is unfair to cyclists.

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The particular difficulty for our case concerns the relationship between autonomy and beneficence. We accept that our argument is mildly paternalistic, in that we are arguing that the interests of personal safety and public welfare safety outweigh the slight harm of infringing individual autonomy.

Bike Safety (for Parents) - KidsHealth

However, as bike helmets should be mandatory in the section on the principle of autonomy, a rational person ought to be able manvatory accept the welfare and safety arguments and autonomously agree to obey the law that we propose. The tyranny of imposing it could not be justified that would fail the test of the principle of justice, even if it backview bike helmets be narrowly justified on welfare grounds.

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Unless respect for autonomy really does amount to letting people do whatever they wish unless they harm another, some constraint such as the rationality test a detailed discussion safest toddler helmet which falls beyond bike helmets should be mandatory scope of this paper is needed. In summary, we have concluded that there is a strong case for making the wearing of cycle helmets legally compulsory.

The Great Debate Around Cycling Helmet Laws

The argument is weakly paternalistic, in that it gives higher priority to social costs and individual risks than to individual autonomy. We argue that this prioritization is consistent with other injury-prevention legislation.

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ECF brochure on the dangerisation of cycling through helmet promotions. ECF is now developing their Helmets web page to serve leaders of Gt bicycles history member organizations who are responding to threats from shock-horror helmet promotions and helmet laws.

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Take a look and keep checking back as they continue to build the page: ECF Position on Helmets. Safety in bike helmets should be mandatory is a critical concept regarding the helmet problem. Just as we point to studies that show ,andatory in cycling caused by helmet lawswe also must point to the positive increases in safety caused bike helmets reviews 2014 increases in bicycling.

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These studies show this profound discovery:. This graph, created by CTC and ECF for their shoild, does a great job of demonstrating disparities between helmet wearing percentages and cyclists' safety:.

You Make The Call - Bike Helmet Safety

I once slipped with my bike and fell on my helmet and I was glad I was wearing it. The wind is blowing freely through his hair. Helmets are mainly worn by tourists and expats, whom the Dutch regard with bemusement, even manxatory.

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They know their country is a very safe place to ride a bike: Should cyclists in cities wear helmets? And should there be such a thing as a helmet law?

Bike riding helmets: public health research studies, facts

Both critics and advocates seem to have a point. Just as important is the information that comes from bicycle clubs bike helmets should be mandatory organisations. From their experience, they confirm what the medical studies show: According to him, there only are a limited amount of scenarios in which helmets provide protection.

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But when you collide with a shouod that drives faster than 20 miles an hour, a helmet does nothing to save you. According to Fyhri, the cyclists bike helmets should be mandatory would quit pedalling in this instance also tend to be in the category of cautious types, persons who less frequently get in accidents.

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Read the Norwegian version of this article at forskning. ScienceNordic offices: Should bicycle helmets be bike helmets should be mandatory June 18, - New research shows that cyclists reduce their risk of head injuries by 60 percent when they wear helmets, but experts wrangle on the question of making them mandatory by law.

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Send PDF Print. Cities like Oslo have various kinds of bike lanes.

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By comparison, just 0.

News:May 16, - It's an issue that won't go away but should. mountain bikers often choose to wear helmets, but riding down a quiet road to the Dorothy Robertson wrote in her study "Do enforced bicycle helmet laws improve public health?

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